The most original gift ideas for occasions, weddings, anniversaries

Armando Poggi gift ideasare the most original choice to enhance any important occasion with style, such as anniversaries, birthdays , weddings, communions or other anniversaries. Are you looking for a gift for someone important? Click on one of the buttons below and start discovering our selection.


If you don't know what to give her or what is the best gift for him, discover our guide to original gift ideas and you will amaze everyone. The gifts for her have been designed for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day... they are the gifts that every woman dreams of receiving at least once in her life. For your husband, boyfriend, dad or friend you will find fun, original and unexpected gifts. Click and reveal our selection!


Never stop giving gifts to mum and dad, whether it's a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary. Even for grandparents, brothers or uncles, the important thing is the thought, your love that you will be able to convey. Browse our selection, you will find the gift you are looking for, let yourself be surprised!


A unique and surprising gift for every special occasion. Celebrate your occasions and make someone feel special with a refined, exclusive and original object. Weddings, Confirmations, Communions, Graduations and anniversaries, celebrate milestones with unique gift ideas!

Gift ideas for men and women, anniversaries or occasions such as graduations or Mother's Day, sacred celebrations, Communions and Confirmations, weddings and events: with Armando Poggi's precious objects you will transform every moment into an eternal memory to always carry with you.

How to deliver a gift in an original way?

There are many ways to hide the gift in an unexpected place and invent a game before delivery: for example, you can put it inside a box of chocolates, inside a champagne flute or in a book. To make the context even more fun, you could create a riddle or a treasure hunt to lead the person to the place where the gift is, or, in case of romance, the classic and timeless trail of petals on the ground that will guide your partner at the goal.

How to make surprises?

Here are 3 romantic and slightly crazy surprises to amaze the people you love in an original way:

  • 1 - Decorate the room: not just candles, hearts and flowers, get colored ribbons, stickers and objects that tell your story to express love and passion.
  • 2 - Hide a letter in your pocket: Let it be an authentic letter, full of sweet phrases for him or her. Write it by hand, a gesture that is no longer used.
  • 3 - Surprise excursion: organize a trip thinking about all the details, create a route for the two of you with stages that represent you, such as your favorite places, glimpses full of meaning, destinations to reach.

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