Armando Poggi Florence

Armando Poggi Florence

An historical shop, its origins, our history, a fairy tale started more than eighty years ago

Armando Poggi Firenze


The Duomo since 1436, Armando Poggi since 1936

On 9th March, the Fiat 500 Topolino was presented. In the same year, Armando Poggi realized his dream: open a shop that meets people new style’s needs, with high value items and design. First with one shop window, then two more, added in 1950.

Armando Poggi Firenze


Prizes, British and French week

In those shop windows, tourists and citizens are reflected, looking for and dreaming jewelry or furniture elements that can embellish life, dressing a new way of expressing their sensitivity.
Those same preparations are worth to Armando Poggi recurring prizes, including those directly obtained from the ambassadors during the British week first and then the French one.

Armando Poggi Firenze


The flood

The 1966 flood struck Florence: 100 million cubic meters of water spilled over the city, creating significant damage.
Even for Armando this was an unforeseen difficulty, which will be faced with so much dedication and obstinacy. The same dedication is lavished on by all citizens, quickly restoring the city to its elegant and unique beauty, thanks also to the help of the "mud angels", from all over the world.

Armando Poggi Firenze


Maurizio joins the company

Maurizio grows up in the halls of his father's shop, between a two-tone pencil in his hand to sign or write down something, amidst the rattle of the keys of the Olivetti typewriter.
And it was in 1968 that he joined the company, bringing the wind of renewal that was blowing almost everywhere in the world.

Armando Poggi Firenze


In the workshop that once belonged to Donatello

Armando Poggi becomes a symbol for Florence and for the Florentines and so he opens a large showroom in Piazza del Duomo, in Via dei Calzaiuoli, exactly in the same building where Donatello had his own workshop centuries earlier. Precisely in the footsteps of the masters of Italian art.

Armando Poggi Firenze


Andrea and Silvia Poggi with Grandfather Armando

A new generation of Poggi start to move through the halls of the shop.

Armando Poggi Firenze


Andrea Poggi officially joins the company

Florentine father, American mother, the baton is passed on to the third generation, with Andrea. After 10 years in the States, including 4 in Boston at Babsan College Business University, Andrea brings his enthusiasm into the family business. The year is 2010, that of an incredible snowfall, new dreams and projects to be realized.

Armando Poggi Firenze


”The most beautiful Christmas shop window in Florence” Prize

Armando Poggi’s Christmas shop windows, always famous, are enriched with a magic and innovative touch, in addition they are rewarded by the Florentines as the most beautiful.

Armando Poggi Firenze


New Pandora shop opening

Armando Poggi becomes an ambassador for new trends
Quality is also synonymous with innovation and intuition. Armando Poggi chooses to interpret and dress the new trends and opens his historic store in Pandora

Armando Poggi Firenze


Celebrating 80 years in businness

A great historical achievement, due to the continuous commitment, passion and dedication of the whole family and all employees!
80 is a very important number, and we celebrated it with the whole of Florence, especially with our big family, made up of parents, children, grandchildren and above all employees, collaborators and customers.

Armando Poggi Firenze


85th anniversary

"From my grandmother to my aunts and my mother, when they wanted a beautiful, elegant items, they took me to Poggi's. Now I take my daughter and my grandchildren there: these are the shops that make Florence unique” – Elisabetta Paci

That’s what Armando Poggi still is today. A shop that makes Florence unique, where everything is expressed only through quality. A shop overlooking the most beautiful square in the world, whose walls still echo the sound of Donatello chisel and his students, whose shop windows are more beautiful and dreamy every Christmas.

Here we exalt the Italian style and its evolutions every day, enhancing the person and offering trendy solutions for every occasion. Today, more than ever, the Armando Poggi brand gathers around it a community of people who define the fashion and the taste of the moment, always taking a step ahead of others, in the dreams direction.

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