One of the most special and colorful brands you will find in our store is definitely Toms Drag, a line belonging to Tom’s Company founded in 1988 in Germany.  This collection was inspired from a tragedy: the attack on the World Trade Center, of 9/11. It overwhelmed the world leaving it completely in shock and with a sense of sadness that only with the years could be alleviated. And it is from this sadness that Tom Hoffmann comes up with the idea.  He wanted to somehow bring back some cheerfulness and color in a historical moment composed only of shades of gray. He then began to create sculptures with vibrant and strong tones, to be gifted, to bring a little joy and carefreeness, to those who were friends and relatives. His works were much appreciated and pushed along by with friends and family, Thomas gave birth to his new sculptures: The Tom’s Drag, thus launching a real new line of articles.  Here the brilliant idea was born from a catastrophe. This line, which brings together furniture, mirrors, sculptures and various types of giftware, is certainly extravagant, colorful and eccentric.

The “Drags” possess an incredible vital energy that they transmit around them, certainly making the environment in which they are found particular and unique.

The same thing can be said of the furniture in this collection, authentic conversation pieces, which affirm the strong style of those who own them.

At Armando Poggi, you can find a wide selection of sculptures, mirrors and objects. You will be able to touch, buy and compare various items. You can also take a look at our website: to view some of Tom’s Drag collection.

We are therefore waiting for you in the shop for a super eccentric purchase!



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